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I am writing to remind the South Wales Community Association property owners that our Annual meeting will be held in less than two months (May 14, 2019).  In that meeting we have two positions on the Board of Directors that will need to be filled as a result of the retirements I announced in last month’s posting. 

It is extremely important that we have adequate representation on the Board of Directors to handle the business of the Association in the manner necessary to maintain the qualities of our beautiful community.   

For this reason I want to take this opportunity to once again appeal to the community for candidates to serve in one of these positions.  I know we have so many members of our community that are well suited and so very capable of participation in this volunteer group.   I once again ask that if you would be willing to dedicate a few hours a month to the cause, please give serious consideration to running for one of the open positions on the Board of Directors.  If you would like to visit a Board meeting to get a better idea of what is involved please feel free to attend our upcoming March or April meetings (Tuesday Mar. 12th, Tuesday April 9th respectively).  These meetings are held at the Jeffersonton Baptist Church Fellowship Hall and begin at 7:00pm.

I would hope that anyone who may have questions concerning the duties or requirements of serving as a Director to please contact me or any other member of the Board.  My contact information is noted below.  The entire current Board of Directors would like all to know we stand ready to help you any way we can in the consideration of your decision.



Robert Kim Williams,  President - SWCA Board of Directors




In the January South Wales Community Association Board of Directors meeting, long time Board members Dick Koch and Tom May each announced they would not be seeking re-election to the Board at the end of their respective terms expiring in May of this year.   Both gentlemen have been mainstays in the administration of South Wales Community Association business for many years and have given selflessly of their time and labors to the property owners of our community.  Both Dick and Tom have served in leadership positions during a period of time when several major Association business items and projects required resolution.  Each of these items was resolved to a most favorable result due in large part to the experience and dedication provided by Dick and Tom as well as the other Board members at the time.    

 Dick Koch has served on the Board for sixteen years.  He held the office of Board President for the ten year period from 2004 to 2014 and most recently has held the office of Board Secretary for the last five years.

Tom May has provided fourteen years on the Board with the last ten years serving as its Treasurer.  He also was solely responsible for the creation of the SWCA website in 2011 and has been the administrator of that asset since its inception.

To say these two gentlemen will be sorely missed from the Board of Directors body is simply an immeasurable understatement.

I hope each member of our homeowners association would join me in thanking both Dick Koch and Tom May for their service and volunteerism to our community.  There can be no doubt that we all owe these two gentlemen the deepest expression of gratitude. 

I also want to take this opportunity to appeal to the community for volunteers to serve.  I know we have a tremendous wealth in knowledge and experience from so many members of our community.  Obviously, from the departure of the two Board of Directors members noted above, it is of paramount importance that we have candidates for those positions prior to the annual meeting in May.  I am asking that any members of our beautiful community, who may be willing to dedicate a few hours a month to preserve its qualities, give serious consideration to running for one of the open positions on the Board of Directors.  I would hope that anyone who may have questions concerning the duties or requirements of serving as a Director would please contact me or any other member of the Board.  We would be thrilled to help you in the consideration of your decision.



Robert Kim Williams

President - SWCA Board of Directors


If anyone would like to view or print a map of the South Wales Trails, click on "Grounds Committee" on the left side of this Homepage.  You will find the links to the trail maps at the top of the page.



With all of the recent rain and high humidity, many of our homes are starting to show mold on the siding and brick.  Please take the necessary steps to assure your home is cleaned before winter sets in. (There is a listing in Top Shops for recommended Pressure Washing vendors)


COMMON GROUNDS – A Reminder to South Wales Residents

Please be aware of the SW Covenant rules for proper disposal of debris. The Common Grounds belong to all members of the Community and are not to be used as disposal areas, or for personal use, such as: clearing, construction of any type of structures, or extension of backyards.

For details of the applicable Covenant rules, please refer to the following:

  • SOUTH WALES COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC.  Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and Reservation of Easements of South Wales Community, Article VII, Section 7.14, Maintenance of Premises and Improvements, which states in part: “Each Owner and Resident shall comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to: health, safety and pollution, and shall provide for storage and removal of trash and rubbish from his premises in a manner acceptable to the Covenants Committee.”.
  • And, Article II, Section 2.01, Rights of Enjoyment of Community Facilities, which states in part: “No Owner of a Lot shall thereby have any exclusive right to own, occupy or use adjoining public or private streets or adjoining open space or other common areas.”


                                                WEBSITE SOLICITATON WARNING             Re-Posted 9/11/2018

Some of our residents may have received a communication through the mail (postmarked St Cloud, Minnesota) regarding a private social networking site calling itself Nextdoor South Wales, purporting to have some affiliation with South Wales. The site is not affiliated with South Wales and South Wales does not endorse, participate in, or support the platform.  It is strongly suggested that any owners who may consider joining or providing any personal information to such platforms research them thoroughly before registering.  You might wish to Google "reviews" and then click on to examine many comments there.


                                           BENCHES FOR SOUTH WALES TRAILS

Your South Wales Community Association installed two benches on our trails last year - one on the Somerset trail near the bridge and one on the Donnington trail near the bridge. (see the picture below)  Many folks have commented on how nice they are to take a little rest or just enjoy the natural surroundings.  There have been several inquiries by members regarding the possibility of donating  additional benches.  The cost to procure and install a bench is approximately $450.00.  If a member or members would like to sponsor the donation of a bench the cost to the member would be $300.00 and the SWCA would absorb the additional cost.  A plaque would be placed on the bench with the wording chosen by the donor/donors.  It may be in honor of someone or in memory of someone or just list the donors names and the date.  At this time the Association has authorized the expenditures associated with four additional benches with the participation of donors as outlined above.  Locations of additional benches will be determined by the Grounds Committee in conjunction with the donor and approval by the Board.

If you would like to sponsor the donation of a bench or would like more information please contact Tom May on 540-937-4613 or .



Excellent condition 72" x 40" Tiger Maple (kitchen) French Country table and six Yorkshire side chairs for sale ($950.00). The table is eight years old and is hand-crafted by the craftsmen at 'Antique Tables Made Daily' located in Sperryville, VA.

-Kiln-dried lumber that doesn’t warp or crack
-Legs pegged to lock the mortise and tenon joint
-Sealer/lacquer treatment resistant to food and beverages
-No veneer, no knock down components
-Made the way Grandpa would be proud of

Contact John or Laura Casey at 540-878-9597



FOR SALE:  A set of five ladder back chairs; excellent condition; $250 for the set.  If interested, please send an email to


FOR SALEBeautiful Chippendale Southwood Sofa; good bones; needs to be reupholstered; BEST OFFER.  If interested please send an email to


FOR SALE:  A set of two Pennsylvania House tall ladder back arm chairs; excellent condition; $200 for the set.  If interested, please send an email to See photo below:


FOR SALE:  Ceiling medallion (acanthus leaf)
outer diameter = 29 "
inside diameter = 4"
profile = 2"
The medallion was removed from the ceiling and cleaned on both surfaces. There are no blemishes. It has not been painted. There are four small holes for support nails to hold it in place while adhesive dries.
Contact: Ken Wiggins at 937-5769

For Sale:  Vintage mahogany drop leaf dining room table.  Includes additional leaves and table pads.  If interested, please send an email to



Purple Parsons chairs, great condition (3). $30/ea OBO.  If interested please contact Teri Hopkins directly through the website.






If anyone needs help in snow removal only in South Wales I can be reached by phone at
703-851-2712. I live on the corner of Somerset and Berkshire Drive.  Glenn Younes

BABYSITTER SERVICES                                                       Posted 11-5-2017

Babysitter services available in South Wales. Ashley Lauritzen is an 8th grade student about to turn 14 years old who has successfully completed the Fauquier Hospital babysitter course. She also has 2 years experience working with children in her church kids/toddler/infant ministry . She can be reached at 540-937-6459 or

BABYSITTING SERVICES                                                                        Posted 5-30-2017

I am a rising Junior at George Mason University. I am looking for work over the summers and am interested in babysitting within the community. I am Red Cross CPR and AED certified and have experience babysitting and working in a preschool. My phone number is (540)423-7218. Thank you, Abigail Thompson

PIANO LESSONS                                                                                 Posted 1-23-2017

Hello! My name is Dana Wonch and I am piano teacher residing in South Wales since August 2013. I have openings for private piano lessons in my home at 3458 Stratford Dr. I have been teaching for over 20 years, and teach beginner through intermediate level piano to children age 5 and up. My students have the opportunity to perform in Piano Events at the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival in Manassas. For more information please call me at 540-937-4239 or e-mail at


I am available for piano lessons starting September 2nd. I have taught beginning to intermediate piano lessons for the past six years in Colorado. I have a limited number of openings in the mornings and early afternoons. Lessons will be given at my home, 3410 Southampton Dr. I am also available for vocal/choral/instrumental accompaniment from elementary to high school levels. Please contact me, Sarah Miles, at 719-393-3977 or for prices and availability.


I am available for Spanish tutoring. I worked as a Spanish teacher at Benedictine University in Springfield, IL. I have also worked elementary, middle and high school levels. I have over 12 years of experience as a teacher and tutor. Recently moved to the South Wales community. Please call Irma Jimenez at 217-391-6705

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