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I would like to reach to our community for help. I have been making hygiene boxes for the Battered Women's Shelter (SAFE) in Culpeper for the past two years. They are in need of them more often than can be provided by Buddy and I alone. I am asking for things such as those little bottles of shampoo and such that you get in a hotel or hair ties, new lipstick and new nail polish. Jeffersonton Baptist Church helped out this summer with VBS making up 47 boxes.

I will put a basket on our covered/screened back porch just in case we are not home. If you need more guidance please call and we can chat about it.

This is a very worthy project and I hope it can run for a long time. These women arrive at the safe house with two or three children and the clothes on their backs, so when they can hand them a ( I use plastic pencil cases) box with a few things that will help them get through the first day or so they are so appreciative. Thank you in advance for helping out.

Barbara Williams


Verdun Adventure Bound and the American Red Cross would like to join forces for a September blood drive here at Verdun. Our goal is a minimum of 30 donors.

Could you please email me and let me know if we hosted an afternoon/evening in September and it worked in your schedule, would you be willing to donate?

Thank you in advance! Best, Honore

Honore D. Hastings, Executive Director
Verdun Adventure Bound
W: 540.937.4920
C: 301.518.4215

Posted 8-2-2016


CCC has learned that Centex/Pulte has pulled its 2013 request to revise its 2005 Proffer Statement for its Clevengers Corner project.


  1. Centex perceived that there was no support from the County Supervisors to accede to the very unfavorable changes.
  2. The County is adamant to have at least some commercial at Clevengers; the change request effectively foreclosed that possibility.
  3. The change request could have produced 385 homes with almost no road improvements.
  4. Under the current operative Proffer Statement from January 2005, Centex can build 125 homes before incurring further infrastructure costs.  That would re-coup about a third of its sunk costs.
  5. The commercial property along Rte. 211, adjacent to Centex’s property, belongs to Kenneth ‘Tommy’ Thompson.  He runs a successful building company in Richmond; and has his hands full with the re-opened golf course.  He is in no hurry to jump into a development project without combined Centex, County, and community support.
  6. Jim Epstein, who owns the southwest corner at Clevengers, is busy working a project at Vint Hill.  He has the option of building 100-125 units by paying into the service district, or about 50 units on well and septic.  For commercial, he has said he would do no more than a strip shopping center.

This information is releasable immediately.

OHPerry Cabot

Dir/Opns, CCC, Inc.



                                                                                    Posted 4/28/2016


Update on Clevengers Corner planning.  My contacts have provided the comments below.  All sources are considered very reliable.

  • There have been no new Pulte/Centex requests or filings with the County since the massive downsize ‘refiling’ of Oct 2014.  The County will not act on that refiling until Pulte requests.
  • After I spoke to Kenny Thompson (SW developer) a year ago, and sent him the 2014 refiling, he called the County Dept. of Planning to ask its views; and was apparently given its unenthusiastic judgement.
  • The last communication (early 2015) from Pulte to the County was an informal, lukewarm feeler about a possible Work Session with the Planning Commission.  The ostensible purpose would be to feel out the Commission in search of some middle ground.  Pulte has not followed thru with a firm request; and the County is content to leave the ball in Pulte’s court.
  • In the wake of Kenny Thompson’s death (12/28/15), Young Kenneth ‘Tommy’ Thompson Jr. has quickly taken control and opened the golf course under slightly revised management.  I offered to discuss his development options.  He has not yet responded.
  • Developers for Clevengers’ southwest corner and the R-1 zoned land north of Rte. 211 are still contingent on Centex completing the water and wastewater lines on its land.  Jim Epstein (SW corner), in particular, does not wish to underwrite that cost, even temporarily.
  • National and region home price indices have risen steadily for several months, and have recovered about three-quarters of the recession loss.  The Washington region has shared in this growth, but currently lags slightly behind the general trend.  Nationally, new home starts are now the best since 2006.  These trends are driving construction and prices at twice the rate of inflation.  But Pulte appears to be concentrating its Washington activity where it already has a construction-infrastructure presence:  close-in suburbs and Maryland.  It definitely wants to recover its sunk $29m here, but needs considerable County cooperation for a feasible plan.

Perry Cabot

Dir/Opns, CCC, Inc.

                                           5TH WATERLINE/HYDRANT UPDATE                            Posted 6/1/2016

As many of you have observed, the excavation for the boring pit at the Somerset entrance has been in process for several weeks and a lot of rock has been excavated at the site.  Once the excavation was completed there was a delay because the contractor had to pour a flat concrete wall at the rockface of the bore pit to assist in getting the bore off straight because it is hard to bore into bluestone and keep the bore going straight.

Now that the concrete wall has cured, they are ready to start the boring process which is expected to be completed by June 17th. The next step will be to connect both ends and backfill and test.  If all goes well this part of the operation should be completed by July 1st.

There will then be final testing and flushing of the waterlines and activation of the fire hydrants.  We will receive advance notice before any flushing operations begin.


Pulte’s Contractor is working on the second half of the Somerset stream crossing today and will be installing the fire hydrants throughout South Wales over the next couple of weeks.  They will also be working on the crossing under Route 229 at Somerset.  Once all the lines and hydrants are installed, we will flush the system and flow test all the hydrants.  We will notify you several days before we do the flushing so residents can take precautions.  The hydrants will have black bags on them until they are placed in service.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks… Paul

Paul Howard Jr.

Director of Environmental Services

County of Culpeper

118 W. Davis Street, Suite 101

Culpeper, VA 22701

PH: 540-727-3409



Pulte is making the two additional water main connections at Somerset and Berkshire, which makes a total of three.  This will provide enough water for fire flow in the South Wales system.  They should finish the tie in at Berkshire today and then will move on to Somerset.  We have to turn off water at each connecting point which impacts 4-5 houses for 4-5 hours.  Jonathon has reached out to all the affected homeowners and explained the service interruption and the follow-up boiled water notice.  Those residents affected by the service interruption have to boil drinking water until we get three repeat clean bacteria samples.  Pulte’s contractor is responsible for reseeding disturbed lawns, and repaving where they cut driveways.  We have put affected residents in contact with Pultes rep to discuss their specific  concerns.   

Once the water line connections are made at Berkshire and Somerset, Pulte will move forward with installing the 40 or so fire hydrants distributed throughout the subdivision.  After the hydrants are installed, the County will notify the HOA and flush the entire system.  We have been flushing the system twice per year using small blow offs, however, we expect a lot more sediment and discoloration the first time we flush using hydrants.  Hydrants will dramatically increase scouring in the pipes and will do a much better job of cleaning the system.  We will notify everyone in advance of this flushing so they can take precautions.

Homeowners are welcome to speak with Jonathon in the field.  If he cannot answer their questions, he can redirect them to me or a Pulte rep. 

Paul Howard Jr.

Director of Environmental Services

County of Culpeper

118 W. Davis Street, Suite 101

Culpeper, VA 22701

PH: 540-727-3409



Please see updates below in blue from: 

Paul Howard Jr., Director of Environmental Services

County of Culpeper 118 W. Davis Street, Suite 101, Culpeper, VA 22701

PH: 540-727-3409 

Work has begun with the completion of the staking out of the locations for hydrants where no current stub-outs exist on the waterlines. Pulte has marked the hydrant locations.  ( a small amount of movement from the current staked location may be available - contact Paul Howard )   All hydrants will be located in the VDOT right of way which runs from property line to property line on each side of the street.

There will also be pits excavated near the Somerset and Berkshire entrances to accommodate boring equipment for additional connections to the water treatment plant to be run under 229.  They plan to start clearing across Rt 229 on the Pulte property next week and setting up for the boring under Rt 229 at Berkshire Drive.  Once they finish the bore at Berkshire, they will move to the boring at Somerset.  The boring at Somerset is going to be a big job.  They will use hydrant installation as fill in work when its too wet to work in other areas.  These additional connections are necessary to provide sufficient water flow to the hydrants and a side benefit will give multiple paths of water access to different sections of our community enhancing the ability to turn off smaller sections to accommodate emergency repairs.

The fire hydrant plan, posted in the Announcement below may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link in that posting.  In total, there will be 42 hydrants installed.

The hydrants will be wrapped in black plastic bags until all the water mains are installed and tested.  They hope to finish by March 1, 2016, but it will really depend on weather. 

 Once construction is complete, be sure to contact your homeowners insurance company to see if there will be any downward adjustment of your premiums with the installation of the fire hydrants.

We will post periodic updates as additional information becomes available.

Fire Hydrants: Paul Howard, Director of Culpeper County Environmental Services, has provided a final plan detailing the location of the hydrants.

Click on the link below to review the plans.  Hydrant locations are on the third page.


Click on the back arrow to return to the website.


The South Wales Board of Directors, along with many residents, have expressed concern over the worsening condition of the roads throughout our neighborhood.  In an effort to address these concerns, we have taken pictures of every cul-de-sac, to include measurements of the width and depth of many of the worse cracks.  These pictures were hand delivered by Bill Halevy to VDOT in Culpeper.  A work order has been assigned and we are awaiting a response from VDOT.  We will give them a "reasonable" amount of time to respond, but rest assured we will continue to follow-up with them and keep you abreast of their plan, timing, etc.  Linda Halevy


If anyone would like to view or print a map of the South Wales Trails, click on "Grounds Committee" on the left side of this Homepage.  You will find the links to the trail maps at the top of the page.


                                           BENCHES FOR SOUTH WALES TRAILS

Your South Wales Community Association installed two benches on our trails last year - one on the Somerset trail near the bridge and one on the Donnington trail near the bridge. (see the picture below)  Many folks have commented on how nice they are to take a little rest or just enjoy the natural surroundings.  There have been several inquiries by members regarding the possibility of donating  additional benches.  The cost to procure and install a bench is approximately $450.00.  If a member or members would like to sponsor the donation of a bench the cost to the member would be $300.00 and the SWCA would absorb the additional cost.  A plaque would be placed on the bench with the wording chosen by the donor/donors.  It may be in honor of someone or in memory of someone or just list the donors names and the date.  At this time the Association has authorized the expenditures associated with four additional benches with the participation of donors as outlined above.  Locations of additional benches will be determined by the Grounds Committee in conjunction with the donor and approval by the Board.

If you would like to sponsor the donation of a bench or would like more information please contact Tom May on 540-937-4613 or .


RV FOR SALE (like new only 3500 miles)


For details and pictures click on the link below:



Free 4 forty pound bags of Fresh Step clay cat litter, if you or someone you know could use it please let me know. Betsy Walker
540 937 8255
2451 Donnington Ct.

Free 2 porch rockers (need some work)

If either item interest you free for picking up.

MERCEDES BENZ FOR SALE                                            Posted 5/21/2016

2002 Mercedes-Benz C320 Sedan in excellent condition, only 124K miles, new tires, extra clean, 25mpg, loaded. $4,950 Contact Steve @ 540-379-8951 or

CRAFTSMAN 22 TRIMMER                                               Posted 5/21/2016

Was $350 new, selling for $175. In perfect condition, lightly used. Comes w/ extra inserts. Contact Steve @ 540-379-8951 or


ANTIQUE CEDAR CHEST                                                      Posted 5/21/2016

Vintage antique 1952 Lane Altavista Cedar Chest. Inside is near perfect, with felt-lined shelf. Exterior is in nice condition with a few chips and a circular stain of some sort on the top. A great example for refinishing. Selling for $200. Contact Steve @ 540-379-8951 or

FREE PLAYSET                                                 POSTED 4/25/2016

FREE Costoco Playset - first come, first served. All we ask is that you disassemble it and take it away!

Has built-in picnic table and sandbox area, swings, slide, rock-climbing wall, monkey bars and upper-level clubhouse.

Call if interested - 937-5217 (can text a picture)

SUMMER CAMPS AT VERDUN ADVENTURE BOUND               Posted 2-23-2016

Summer Camps at Verdun Adventure Bound accepting applications beginning February 1, 2016. Contact:


GOLF CLUBS FOR SALE                                        Posted 3/12/2016
For Sale: Full set of Ben Hogan Apex #2 Irons, putter and woods and many, many golf balls. $200 firm. Must see. Call 937-3229, Steve





Women's Trek 7500 Multitrack 8 speed green hybrid. Looks new - not ridden hard. Good tires. $400

Black Cannondale Racer R800 2.8 aluminum; shoe clips; category 3. Excellent condition. Ridden gently for 4-5 years. Approximately 15 years old. 19"frame. Thanks! $500

Contact Darlene Abel at or 540-937-3968

Click on the link below to see pictures of the bikes.  


FOR SALE---TOTAL GYM GOLD PLUS $250.00 OBO Hardly used Complete with all attachments, manual and CD.  
You can e-mail or call 540-812-4646 (if no answer please leave message and we will return the call asap
.   (see picture below)



Morgan Thomas is a 13 year old certified Safe Sitter by Fauquier Hospital. She is mature and responsible. Morgan can help children with homework and chores. She loves children of all ages. Contact her at 540-645-8282 on her cellphone. She looks forward to meeting all of her new clients.


Greetings SW Neighbors,
After retiring from 40 years military service in 2012, I was asked by a few veteran families to assist them in attaining their WWII fathers veteran benefits. Understanding the sacrifices those military personnel and families made in serving our country, my efforts became very personally rewarding to me. Since helping those first few, I have continued traveling Northern Virginia and have become an Accredited Veterans Service Officer and subsequently have been able to help many veterans obtain health care, compensation and pensions due from the Veterans Administration. I am posting this on our website because I don’t want to overlook any veteran neighbors who might need a helping hand in putting together the V.A. puzzle. Take a look at my website for the assistance we offer our veterans at “Veterans Health & Benefits Management, LLC”.

Hal Halevy

PILATES TRAINING                                          Posted 3-20-2016

Pilates training in my home studio. Rita Carmona 540-878-4889


I am available for piano lessons starting September 2nd. I have taught beginning to intermediate piano lessons for the past six years in Colorado. I have a limited number of openings in the mornings and early afternoons. Lessons will be given at my home, 3410 Southampton Dr. I am also available for vocal/choral/instrumental accompaniment from elementary to high school levels. Please contact me, Sarah Miles, at 719-393-3977 or for prices and availability.

PIANO LESSONS Hello, my name is Dana Wonch and I am a piano teacher residing in South Wales since August 2013. I have limited, immediate openings for private piano lessons in my studio at 3458 Stratford Dr. I have been teaching for 20 years, the last 15 in Warrenton. I teach beginner through intermediate level piano to children age 7 and up. My students have the option to participate in Piano Events at the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival. Please contact me for availability and prices by phone 540-937-4239 or email


Mallory Dubell, a responsible 8th grade middle school student is available for babysitting. Call her at 540 937-7312(home) or 540 229-6141(cell).


I am available for Spanish tutoring. I worked as a Spanish teacher at Benedictine University in Springfield, IL. I have also worked elementary, middle and high school levels. I have over 12 years of experience as a teacher and tutor. Recently moved to the South Wales community. Please call Irma Jimenez at 217-391-6705

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